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Our debt Centre Manager will contact you as soon as you book your appointment, and begin to work with you over the weeks to collect what paperwork we will need. The meetings will happen at your home and over the phone. But the Centre Manager will discuss this with you at the start of the process, to make sure what works best.

Since 2007 The Open Door Trust has partnered with Christians Against Poverty to deliver a practical solution to helping people with their debts.

Making the first call can be hard but the sooner you ring, the sooner you will have peace of mind.

Local Appointments

After you call CAP, our Centre Manager Ken Pullen, will contact you to arrange your first of three appointments.

An effective budget

CAP's trained debt counsellors will work out a realistic budget that prioritises your essential bills. We negotiate affordable payments with each creditor and attempt to stop unfair charges where possible. Our Debt Centre Manager will then explain the budget and the payments you will need to make.

CAP Plan

In most cases, a CAP Plan is set up for you. You will need to make one monthly payment into your CAP plan to cover your debts and also bills if appropriate. CAP will then distribute this on your behalf. You can also build up savings through your CAP plan.

Severe debt

If you have severe debt, then we can walk you through insolvency options, such as petitioning for bankruptcy or debt relief orders while we help get all the forms together and help you complete the applications online.

Debt free

You can use your plan to pay your bills and debt repayments until you are debt free.

If you feel you need our free specialist service then ring the number below to book an appointment.

0800 328 0006