• Ken Pullen

Now my life is brilliant.

Before wanting to sort out my debts I used to ignore all the letters that came through the post and used to put them in the cupboard. I thought that by doing that they would just go away. Each time I saw them come through or had a phone call from one of them it made my depression and anxiety even worse.

They were constantly ringing me, and I would eventually answer them and agree to any payments they wanted to set up, just so I could get rid of them for a while, but they always tried again.

I never went out because I always felt ashamed and just wanted to cut my self off from everyone. I didn’t even tell my family that I had debts, because I was too ashamed and because of the number of tablets I was taking for my depression it made it even worse, I always felt very low and isolated.

When I visited other support groups who were helping me, I never told them about my debt and would lie when asked about it.

The depression was made worse by the constant problems I had with a neighbour who would keep knocking on my door and laugh, then walk away. At my lowest point, I could see no hope or future, so I began to self-harm and even thought about committing suicide to get away from it all.

I heard about Christians Against Poverty through my Housing officer, and eventually, I explained to him my situation. He told me that he had another client who was working with Ken and The Open Door Trust, and he knew they would be able to help me. He trusted them and I should contact them to get an appointment. I felt very worried and nervous about speaking to someone I did not know and didn’t want to be judged or criticised.

Leading up to the visit, my nerves got worse and I started worrying again about what they would think of me. It was also difficult finally facing up to the amount of debt I had.

Ken and a befriender came to see me, and I felt it was a good visit but still felt very nervous and anxious. I didn’t feel judged or criticised and felt they really did want to help me. After getting my first budget I realised that I could live on a budget and still pay my debts. It felt like a huge weight had been taken off me.

Now I am debt free!

My life now is brilliant, I can relax because I no longer have to worry about my debts. The weight has been lifted and there is now a great future for me and a hope for things to come. I don’t mind when the postman comes. There have been times over the past few years that has been very difficult for me in my personal life and I am still struggling and dealing with those. But I know the debt side is now sorted and can go guilt-free shopping, which I have!

Without this help, I don’t know where I would be or even if I would still be here. Thanks to The Open Door Trust and CAP I had a future and a hope. My life just seemed bleak and pointless, but now everything is clearer and I am moving on in my life. If you need help then contact them, don’t ignore your debts as they never go away, they just get worse, and you get ill and depressed about them.

The support I got and still get has been brilliant, there was always someone at the end of the phone and it didn’t matter what the problem was they sorted it out. I tell everyone one that if they have problems with debts then they need to work with the Trust and CAP, as they are amazing and they really are like an emergency service, and I will always be grateful.

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