• Ken Pullen

I didn't think I would be here.

I originally turned to Christians Against Poverty for help as I had attended a money course and saw how honest and open things were. I felt drawn to CAP and had been following them on Facebook and seen the success. In April 2018 I had a massive mental health breakdown which led to my life falling apart, at the same time I lost sight in one of my eyes and due to all of this I lost my job, family home, and my relationship with my wife broke down and we separated. Now being on benefits I was unable to pay the debt that had grown from a previous period where I had to pay the mortgage with credit cards for 9 months. With my current mental state, I was not allowed to work and had no idea what to do about the debt, so I hid from it and just ignored the letters. It was towards the end of last year that the mental health team pointed out that 1 of the two major issues behind my depression and anxiety was my debt. So, I contacted CAP to see what could be done. Buy this time I was receiving letters from debt collection agencies and in January 2019 couldn't see how things could change and tried to commit suicide three times.

It was around this time that I met Ken from The Open Door Trust, and he started to contact me each week offering support and advice on dealing with situations, he also told me if I needed someone to talk to at any time text or call and he would come and chat. It was this level of support that made a massive difference, the fact that I was a person that someone cared about, not just a client.

Without this support up until the time that I went live with CAP, I don't know if I would still be around today. Ken and the team offer a lot more than just support. They offer hope, support and encouragement, without judging me for what had happened.

The coffee mornings that happen each month are, in my opinion, essential as they allow people like me to see they are not alone. Other people are going through or have been through the same situation and come out the other side - debt-free thanks to the Trust working with CAP. I honestly feel the work done by Open Door Trust and CAP Peterborough is essential to this city, I have friends that have gone through other debt programs but don't get the support or level of commitment that I get from Ken and the team. Also, none of the other companies carried out all the visits with me in my own home, which made me feel so much more comfortable. With the help and support, I have received I am able to confront the fear that debt has put me under, I am no longer scared to answer my phone. This time last year I did not think I would still be here to reach 41.

These guys are helping people not only to get out of debt but in cases like mine keeping people from feeling the only option left is to take their lives. In January 2020 I became debt-free. Thank you so much for not only saving my life but for giving me the chance to start feeling my life is worth living.

J - 2020

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